Lou Ann Lasher, Ph.D. 

Lou Ann Lasher, Ph.D.

Dr. Lou Ann Lasher consults with leaders in high tech, banking, government, the law, and medicine in the U.S., Asia, and Mexico.  Her area of expertise is organizational Lasherconflict, both settling existing disputes and designing systems for preventing/ managing future conflict.

Lou works best at the intersections of organizations where responsibilities and authority are fluid and require collaboration.  Her approach to executive development is grounded in 20 + years as a manager and 20 years running her own practice.

Dr. Lasher is a Founding Fellow of the University of Texas School of Law Center for Public Policy Dispute Resolution and served the Texas Supreme Court as an advisor on Court-Ordered Mediation.  She has also worked extensively in the area of motivation and is a Master Trainer for Personal Strengths Publishing.  Lou and her husband Bill are dedicated choral singers and have performed in China, Austria, Wales, Italy, and England.   They have two daughters, five grandchildren, and one scraggly, adorable dog.



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