The Art of Leadership

Assessment – Coaching – Training

Leadership is an art that marries competence, integrity, and unique personal charisma. A leader leverages strengths. Anticipates weaknesses. Understands self. Knows why he/she values others and how to effectively communicate that appreciation. A leader learns to stay conscious in the moment, learns to choose an effective approach in complex situations. The task involves clarifying our deepest values and openly living by them.  Leadership fails if it cannot convey purpose and respect in equal proportions. Leadership is the art of leading people from what they are to what they can be.


We use statistically valid instruments to evaluate a person and performance and compare results against a standard or set of guidelines. When feasible, we incorporate supervisor, direct report, and peer feedback, using 360-degree feedback instruments like the Campbell Leadership Index (CLI).  Each of us is certified to administer and interpret ten instruments or more.


We provide individualized career design: goal-setting, prioritizing, and strategic planning.


Our workshop presentations build interpersonal trust and interdepartmental alignment. We use lecture, small group exercises, and videotaped activities to grow team collaboration and increase an organization’s capacity for dynamic innovation.

A.C.T. Associates coach executives and train executives to coach.  We are particularly adept at helping clients face blind spots and ameliorate obstacles to successful workplace relationships. We have professional psych backgrounds, psychometric instrument certifications, and multiple language proficiencies. We bring maturity and perspicacity necessary for nuanced situations. ACT Associates have years of experience as mentors, managing supervisors, consultants, trainers, corporate coaches.

We collaborate with clients individually or contribute our resources to HR professionals. Remote coaching is available and we work with both large and small groups, for-profit and non-profit organizations. Our team tailors training programs to address specific organizational needs. We prepare organizations to structure follow-up so the learning, once begun, is carried through to competence.

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Contact Us:   

Donald Hardy-Holley, MA, BCC
ACT Executive Director
PO Box 690414
San Antonio, Texas 78269-0414

Tel:  210-690-4144
Fax:  210-690-1020

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